Colby & Taylor Campbell

Colby & Taylor Campbell inherited their love for fishing from their father, Hop Campbell. What began as freshwater outings from a young age soon transitioned into saltwater adventures throughout their childhood. Their first taste of offshore fishing occurred during summers spent in the Outer Banks, watching the offshore fleet unload their catch at Oregon Inlet.

As the years passed and a few boats later, the original “Island Hopper” became simply “Hopper.” It’s Colby & Taylor’s way of honoring their dad’s legacy, his passion for the sea, and the treasured time they shared fishing together.

Nick Merrill

Captain Nick has been fishing his entire life. Introduced at a very young age by his father, he grew up on the Bush River and spent his child hood in the Chesapeake Bay, fishing for rock fish and crabbing. Attending college in western Maryland, he switched to a fly rod and could be found on the rivers searching for trout. After making his first trip offshore in his early 20’s, that blue water is all he can think about!

Hyper focused on the details and dedicated to his craft, he wants to ensure you have the best time fishing possible!